Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Day 58

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you for this wonderful day. I pray that you bless it, and keep me, and guide me, in all that I do. I pray also for the 58 dollar seed that I gave Daystar Television, that you will bless it and multiply it, and that you will pay off my $3,303.93 loan, according to the 58 day seed covenant. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

This is it, the big day. The 58 day seed covenant will expire at midnight tonight. I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting day.
It is so refreshing to see that I am not the only one who types my prayers for all to see. What religion are you? I am Apostolic Pentecostal. God Bless you and have a great day in Jesus Name!!
I will use your wise council in my work.
I do hope your prayers will be answered! Thank you for your words of blessing on my web site.
I heard mr murdook say the other night .if your an 8$- 10$ an hour person this message is not for youme.
Don't waste your money on these greedy money grabbers. They are phony and very rich because of their deception. I do not want to stand in their place in judgment. Give your money to a local ministry that's winning souls, and building up God's kingdom.
Isaiah 55:10-11. God indeed want us to give to the hungry, needy, poor, ect...but it is not a must that we send it in to TBN or any other broadcast for that matter. A better idea is to give locally in your church or community to those in need. The Bible says we should Give to serve others and believing God will bless us in return, for this is his commandment.
Oh come on! You would have gotten that money back on your income taxes regardless! It was money from taxes you paid and was not a gift due to your sending Mike Murdock 58 dollars.
The Lord's people insult him by thinking Jesus said Pay in Full instead of Paid in Full on his cross.
I for 1 am soooo blessed that Daystar & TBN exist & that somebody is paying the bill instead of giving to the local churches because not 1 local church except Victory Outreach has come to my door.
We can't serve 2 masters & money is direc8connected to our heart. Look at your bank statement & see where your heart is..
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