Monday, April 04, 2005


Day 35

Prayer: It's another beautiful day, and I thank you for that, Lord, and I pray that this day will be full of your blessings and goodness and mercy. I Thank you for everything you've done in my life and everything you will do in my life. I pray also that you will bless my $58 dollars and multiply it so that it pays off my $3,353.93 loan. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

The other day I was driving through an intersection, when I noticed a suburban coming down the road just a little too fast for my comfort. Apparantly, the red light meant nothing to the driver, and she just plowed through the intersection, giving me a dirty look as she passed by. Fortunately, I was able to stop before my tiny little vehicle became a hood-ornament for her great big suburban.
You are like so many idiots out there who believe the teachings of Rod Parsley,Mike Murdock and Bishop Prophet E. Bernard Jordan. You are a fool for believing something that is not Biblical. jesus will judge these people and you could be judged also for believeing such garbage. Wake up America these men are false prophets who simply line their wallets with your cash. I piity you ignorant people.
Thank you for your blog. I woke up and turned on the television today and watched Mr. Murdock talk extensively about the $58 seed. He was incredibly convincing, and I almsost had decided to do it. Thanks for saving me money.
Tithing is very important, but I don't think Mike Murdoch is a real minister.
If you tithe or give to God expecting money in return, it might not happen. God works in his own time. Remember, "If it be thy will?"
Giving in God's name is never wasted, but as even Mike Murdoch says, you don't wait for God to comb your hair. You have to do the best you are capable of, and keep your faith that if you live in God's words and try to follow God's plan, God will care for you and you will find what God has in store for you. It may not be riches.
Mike Murdoch's "test" is not what the Bible teaches. But if you give to him in God's name and ask God to do good through Mr. Murdoch, something will happen.
Believe in God and study the Bible, don't put all of your eggs in Mr. Murdoch's basket.
I wonder if "the other day" was the day you prayed & asked God to protect you, either way, blessing ppl die EVERYDAY in car accidents
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