Friday, March 04, 2005


Day 4

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you for your many blessings. I come to you in the name of Jesus asking that you multiply my 58 dollar seed and use it to pay off my $3,340.30 loan. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Morning. I got a call back from the college about my being withdrawn from classes. They said if I go ahead and get my shot today they will let me back in. Thank goodness.

1:44 pm. Heading out to get my shot.

3:35 pm. On the way home, I decided to stop at Taco Bell. When I got home I noticed the back of my receipt said I could take a survey and win $1,000. Well, I know I’m supposed to have a harvest coming, so I decided to take the survey. It tells you at the end of the survey if you were the winner. Unfortunately I was not a winner. If God is going to send some money my way, it will have to be some other way. But, hey, there’s still 54 days left.
Usually you have to enroll again (& pray the class isn't full) once you've been officially withdrawal but all you had 2 do was get a shot..blessing
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