Thursday, March 03, 2005


Day 3

Prayer: Lord I come to you in the name of Jesus, thanking you for your many blessings. I thank you that you have provided all of my needs to this day. I pray Lord that you will take the 58 dollars that I have given Mike Murdock and use it to pay off my $3,340.30 debt. Your word says “With God, all things are possible.” I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

It is 4:07 in the afternoon, and I just got a letter from my college saying that I have been “administratively withdrawn” from my classes for not providing immunization records. This is a shock to me. I called the number it gave to find out about this, but I got a machine and had to leave a message. If I’m withdrawn from these classes, that means I will have to pay back the Pell grant that I got, which was well over $1,000 dollars. I don’t want to do that. In fact, I can’t. I don’t have that money.I told my mom and she said I will be able to provide them with my records and get it taken care of. I hope she’s right. She gave me my records and I put them in a safe place. Tomorrow I will go to the college and see if I can get it straightened out.
God used your MOM 2 bring you HOPE to a situation that appeared hopeless seeing as you got the withdrawal letter already! The school didn't even answer so you could've lost sleep over this BUT GOD used your mom 2 bring Peace, what a blessing. My mom doesn't have my immunizations on hand yet yours does..
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