Thursday, March 17, 2005


Day 17

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for another day. Bless it, and use me for your glory. I pray that you will multiply my 58 dollar seed and pay off my $3,340.30 debt. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

My mom has been having a lot of bad luck financially lately. She found out that she has to pay a lot of money back on her taxes, and some of the places she owes money to are saying that she didn’t make payments, when she says she did.

I went to one of my mom’s coworker’s house today to help him get his printer fixed. I didn’t get it fixed, but he gave me 10 dollars for gas money for my trouble.

Evening. I just sent 24 dollars to someone that I asked to record some French vocabulary words for an educational computer game that I’m making. In the game, there will be a female voice speaking French, and I needed to hire someone to provide the voice files for me. I paid the woman 25 Canadian Dollars (because she was in Canada) using paypal. The amount is equal to 20.46 USD.

I took part in a Taco Bell survey again, hoping to win $1,000 dollars. At the end of the survey I was told that I was not a winner. Too bad. Still 40 days to go though.
My daughters goes to college & FASFA uses MY tax returns to calculate her pell grant, if your mom owes taxes your $1,000 grant could've been revoked,blessing.
People don't usually compensate people who don't get the job done yet you got $10,blessing (gas not Taco Bell)
Foreign language voice overs are well over $20.46, blessing. ;)
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